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Learning and understanding Tai Chi is a life-long process and commitment.  This process can not be rushed.  Often, you will find listening to a master's talk is worth ten years' of reading books by yourself.   However, it does not mean you shouldn't read some books on Tai chi and Qigong, instead, we should do both.  Definitely, it would be a pleasure and great experience for everyone to have a chance to meet a martial art master from China, esp. taking their classes or workshops during their visits or your areas.

Nowadays, with many more masters' great efforts and dedication to promoting and teaching Taichi, we, the local Taichi practitioners or enthusiastists, are often able to meet masters just where we live without traveling to China or Asia.  Tai chi truly brings people around the universe together in a harmonious way. 




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Martial arts demonstration,
2 p.m.Aug. 9, 2008 with Wang Anlin, master of Shaolin(少林拳)  and Wensheng style (文圣拳) ,  at Peabody Essex Museum's Atrium, East India Square, Salem, MA.


Top: Master Niu from Beijing, China, Performing at MIT
January, 2006

Bottom: Master Wang from Shanghai, China
Qigong Workshop
June, 2007

Attending Master Li's Workshop in Boston, MA
June, 2006

More about Master Li 李德印 

Attending Master Zhu's Chen Style Tai Chi Workshop in NYC
June, 2015

More about Master Zhu 朱天才

Attending Qigong Workshop by Chinese Health Qi Gong Association
Feb. 2008

More about The Chinese Health Qi Gong Association     中国健身气功协会

Master Wang's Demo at
the Peabody Essex Museum
, August, 2008

More about Wen Sheng 文圣拳 & Master Wang 王安林大师  

第三代宗师: 王 安林

   Master Niu from Beijing, China,
January, 2007

Master Wang from    Shanghai, China           June, 2007
More about Master Niu
More about Master Niu


Yang Style Tai Chi Quan Form 16 --- Ling Ning

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