eNews from Asia

  • Tai Ji Experts Performing in Su Zhou, China. 正在苏州参加“第二届国际混元太极交流大会”的一批海内外太极拳高手齐聚苏州会议中心广场,进行规模盛大的拳术演示活动。  Source: 太极拳高手齐聚苏州展技艺

  • An well-known artist from Taiwan talks about Taichi (Tai Ji).  Taiji is a strand of traditional metaphysics, through which ancient Chinese attempted to explain the world's origins and the process of life. 
        "My teacher suggested that I practice Taiji, because I was too thin and not in good health. After I got into Taiji, it becomes a part of my life. My mind became occupied with it, no matter what I was doing at a certain time. Later, I gradually came to understand its theory of movement and stillness. Taiji is not like other Kung Fu, which stresses outer strength and power. It's more about the spirit. It simply won't leave my mind and I feel this constant urge to put it into shape using my chisel."